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RC44 Montenegro Cup

Despite being mid-November, Portugal laid on warm temperatures and light winds for the opening day of the RC44 Cascais Cup. Next week the RC44 fleet will once again take to the waters of Cascais, Portugal, for the final showdown of the season, over the 14 th — 18 th November. Owner Chris Bake and tactician Cameron Appleton explain why the sustainability project is important to the team. Day two of their World Championship will go down in RC44 history books with three races sailed at the top of the wind range.

After a day of strong conditions we asked our photographer Pedro Martinez of MartinezStudios. Cascais is a favourite venue for all sailors, but especially those in the RC44 class which has had the Portugese sailing Mecca as an annual fixture for the last seven years. Poons started the day in second place, two points behind overnight leader Torbjorn Tornqvist on Artemis Racing.

Torbjörn Törnqvist and his crew on Artemis Racing continued their progressive form on a closely-fought third day. Team Aqua has seen 23 young people over five years come through their youth programme, but Sophie is the first woman to take on the role.

The nine crews are looking forward to renewing rivalries after two successful opening regattas of the season. While to race an RC44 successfully requires a team effort, the most vital position on any owner-driver yacht is the tactician. A big part of every RC44 event is the guest programme. Did you miss any of the action from the RC44 Portoroz Cup? Don't worry we have all of the racing highlights right here for you to enjoy So far in eight races, six teams have scored bullets.

In this world of professional yacht racing there are few inevitables - but it's a pretty safe bet that Tom Burnham will probably be at the next regatta you go to. No matter how dedicated to their sport the RC44 owners are, there is still always the odd occasion when they there are unable to attend an event. The season kicked off in Lanzarote for event one, the Calero Marinas Cup. Under brilliant sunshine and winds that started in the sub knot range before building solidly into the early 20s.

The opening day of the RC44 Calero Marinas Cup indicated it will be vital to make zero mistakes. Despite performing dances for the wind gods, the breeze failed to materialise for a second consecutive day at the RC44 Calero Marinas Cup in the normally windy Canary Islands.

Earlier this week, Saturday was lining up to be the big wind day. Uncharacteristic southeasterly winds, combined with a confused and often sharp sea, made life tough for the nine crews on day two of the RC44 Calero Marinas Cup.

Competition getting closer as the season nears its conclusion, combined with tricky conditions for today's three races off Lanzarote, left the top eight boats ending day one separated by just six points. The final event of the season for the Russell Coutts-conceived one design monohulls sees four of the nine teams still able to claim the title and five capable of reaching the podium. As the nine shore crews prepare to take to the water for the hotly anticipated final, we take a look at how the fleet are stacking up on the starting grid.

Competition out on the water today proved that it is no aberration that just two points separate the top five boats in the overall RC44 Championship. Team Nika has won the RC44 Marstrand World Championship after a dominant performance across the four days of competition.

Day two of the World Championship was far too fickle and tricky for any single team to dominate. They say that a true sailing champion is one who can master all weather conditions. With the RC44 Championship Tour reaching its halfway mark next week, we take a look at how each of the international teams is fairing.

Two full seasons dedicated to the RC44 class paid off today for Katusha, when they won their first ever RC44 Championship event. We polled two Italian tacticians and two New Zealand ones to get their views on what might happen and what should happen in this next chapter in America's Cup history.

Despite Sardinia returning to more sunny summery conditions, the onset of the Mistral wind resulted in racing being cancelled on the penultimate day of the RC44 Porto Cervo Cup. Tomisellie talks to us about what got her into sailing and why her featherlight weight is a secret weapon for her team.

Thanks to its reputation for strong winds and flat water alongside the hospitality of the event's hosts, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda at their magnificent clubhouse, Porto Cervo annually attracts to the Mediterranean's most prestigious regattas. None was worse than that of Team Aqua. Once again the wind, although shifty, was less of an issue than the sea state, which was initially so massive that the RC44s were disappearing up to their spreaders in the troughs.

A decade since its launch the RC44 Championship Tour will take on a new racing format for the season. RC44 Cascais Cup highlights January 03, When it comes to racing conditions and the level of competition the final event of the RC44 season in Cascais delivered big. Zero to hero RC44 claims Cascais and Championship November 18, Giant waves kicked up by an Atlantic gale oddly combined with no wind in the vicinity of Cascais resulted in racing being cancelled on the final day of the RC44 Cascais Cup.

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