Configuring SSL by using untrusted certificates

A preliminary allocation to Hamburg, Vienna or Ghent is therefore conditional upon obtaining the certificate. Do I have to provide original documents for the application?

Basic concepts

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My impression now after a search is that Substanz- seems more widespread than Wert- if only to avoid the enchanting option 'Wertwert' Comment Danke für eure Mühen! You need to be logged in to start a new thread. Registration and participation are free! Certificate installs, but after installation, iOS shows the certificate as not trusted.

For more information, see Self-signed certificates versus self-signed CAs. Ensure that the certificate has a. After installation, the certificate does not show up in the system trusted credentials. This behavior gives the impression that things are working. Android is in debuggable mode when the APK is unsigned, or when you explicitly set the mode in the manifest.

Verify that the debuggable flag is set to false debuggable: Make sure that there is no explicit declaration in the manifest that sets it to debuggable mode. For more information about configuring Android, see Configuring Android. Ensure that you did not install the server certificate by accessing the protected resource directly from your browser. This action imports the certificate only into the browser space and not into the device system truststore. The only requirement is that you install the root CA.

For more information about how to properly install the root CA on the device, see the following topics. Basic concepts Certificate authority CA An entity that issues certificates. Self-signed certificate A certificate that is signed by itself and has no CA that attests to its validity.

It is both a certificate and a CA. Because it is the topmost certificate in a tree, it is also the root CA. Certificate types that are supported by different mobile platforms Table 1. Certificate types that are supported by iOS Table 2. Self-signed certificates versus self-signed CAs When you are dealing with mobile clients, the use of self-signed certificates is not recommended because mobile platforms do not allow the installation of these types of certificates onto the device truststore.

You can create a self-signed CA with most tools. For example, the following command uses the openssl tool to create a self-signed CA: You must use X.

If you are generating self-signed CA certificates, ensure that they are of the type X. You can check the certificate version and extensions by running the following openssl command: Only the root CA certificate trust anchor needs to be installed.

You do not need to install any other certificates, such as intermediaries, on the device. Configuring Android It is important to note that if the following flag is set to true in your application, Android ignores SSL errors under certain conditions: Handling the certificate chain If you are using a server certificate that is not signed by itself, you must ensure that the server sends the full certificate chain to the client.

Handling certificate extensions RFC and its predecessors defines a number of certificate extensions that provide extra information about the certificate. The following example shows how to inspect a certificate: Troubleshooting problems with server certificates that are not signed by a trusted certificate authority Table 3.

The certificate is not identified as a certificate authority. Please complete the payment there before submitting your application. Assement of the applications All applicants are assessed according to the following criteria: Due to limited time capacities, the EMLE staff cannot provide individual feedback on the specific reasons for a declined application.

Declined applicants are welcome to re-apply for the following academic year. Admission The admission process consists of several steps, beginning once a student has sent in the application and the appropriate documents. Each application is ranked based on several factors, and then available places in the programme are offered. An accepted student must then submit another series of documents to complete the admission process.

On the following pages, each of these steps will be examined in more detail. All applicants are assessed according to the following admission criteria: Below you will find a list of the documents that will be required for final admission into the programme not for application! Admitted students will receive a letter containing more information regarding these documents. As a reminder, please note that all of the documents must be in English and need to be certified copies of the originals , if not indicated otherwise below.

Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations. Also, please note that acquiring some of these documents may take quite some time.

Please start the necessary inquiries as soon as possible. Certified copies of official documents can be issued e. Proof of English proficiency. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide original test scores from one of the following standardized English proficiency tests.

For exemptions from this rule please see below. The following table lists all the tests accredited by the EMLE. No alternative tests or certificates will be accepted! Please note that we cannot accept any test results older than two years and that a valid English proficiency test is mandatory to participate in the EMLE programme.

Proof of English proficiency: All other candidates must provide test scores from one of the above mentioned, official tests of English proficiency. Proof of programme fee payment After you have been accepted to the programme, you will be required to pay the programme fee. By transferring the first installment, you accept your place in the programme. This fee is non-refundable in case you should later leave the programme.

If you withdraw after 15 September , no refund will be possible. The exact due dates and the bank account information will be sent along with the admission letter. Full and timely payment of the porgramme fees is essential in order to finalize your admission.

All students are expected to send a copy of the respective transfer slip to the admissions office at their earliest convenience. Chinese students only a. Having such a certificate does not guarantee allocation to Rotterdam, but students without such a certificate cannot be allocated there! It ensures that all Chinese students are sufficiently qualified to pursue their studies and benefit from their stay in the Netherlands.

Nuffic sends this certificate directly to the relevant Dutch higher education institution once it has been issued. Applicants with a degree from a Chinese university who want to spend one or more terms in either Germany Hamburg , Austria Vienna or Belgium Ghent need to obtain a certificate that validates their Chinese degree.

Having such a certificate does not guarantee allocation to Hamburg, Vienna or Ghent, but students without such a certificate cannot be allocated to those cities! The procedure at the APS takes about two months. A preliminary allocation to Hamburg, Vienna or Ghent is therefore conditional upon obtaining the certificate.

As of the academic year we may award up to 27 scholarships for Programme country students and 33 scholarships for Partner country students in total over upcoming academic years from up to Therefore, we will be able to award each year up to 15 EMLE students with a full scholarship from the European Commission.

EMJMD scholarship holders will receive a generous grant that covers the tuition fees, contributes to travel and installment costs and gives a monthly contribution to cover subsistence costs for the duration that students will be studying on the programme.

There is a possibility to make an appeal against the evaluation of your application. Once we communicate the results of our selection process, and you are informed that you have not been selected or considered for a scholarship, you may write a letter of appeal to us via application emle.

For this purpose, please also see the selection criteria for the EMLE programme. We will then forward your appeal to our reviewing committee, who will have another look at your application. Erasmus student mobility grants are intended to offset the additional costs of mobility, such as travel costs, foreign language preparation where necessary and a higher cost of living in the host country.

They are available for studies at universities in the European Union. The Mobility Grant will be paid for one term only — the term that you do not spend in Hamburg. The monthly amount that will be paid can change from year to year.

If you might be eligible, you will be contacted by Hamburg EMLE staff several weeks before the start of the term in question. It is important that you react to these e-mails promptly.

Please check the options for scholarships from organizations in your own countries to study abroad. We are currently compiling a list of organizations that have been sponsoring our students in the past years, which will be published here soon.

At this point you can send an inquiry about this to info[at]emle. Also, visit the pages of the international offices at your EMLE host universities to search for funding options specific to your host countries. Like any loan, learners need to repay the money they borrow, but with a Professional and Career Development Loan the YPLA will pay the interest on the loan while the learner is in learning and for one month afterwards.

The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries. Since the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, they should only be considered as an option once all other student funding options have been investigated.

For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit https: This list provides you with a number of foundations were students can apply for a scholarship. Be aware that the EMLE staff has no further information on the scholarships nor any influence on the application procedure of the foundations mentioned. Prospective visiting scholars should be established researchers in economic analysis of law with a professional affiliation to a prominent university or research institution.

Non-European visiting scholars can apply to the Consortium throughout the year. Full applications, including a CV and a detailed research project, can be sent to mundusscholars emle.

This funding option is NOT intended for students. Applications from prospective students or from individuals having no established academic experience in economic analysis of law will NOT be considered. Tuition fees are calculated on the basis of one fiscal year. This means that the fees outlined below cover the cost of tuition for the entire programme as opposed to one trimester. Click here to see whether you are from a Programme or Partner country.

This payment is non-refundable in case you later decide not to take up your place in the programme. Please note that if a candidate does not commence the programme or if he or she leaves the programme the 2nd installment of the tuition fees will be reimbursed according to the following rules: The tuition fees cover the provision of the teaching, as well as some EMLE-related social activities.

Additional costs for books and study materials vary per course and partner-university, though we strive to make substantial use of open access study materials. The responsibility to meet the costs of living and travel expenses except for travel to the Midterm Meeting rests with the students.

It should be noted that the cost of living may differ substantially between cities.