Burn Rate 101: How to Calculate and Understand Burn Rate [Downloadable Excel Model Included]

Here are some additional reasons why giving up equity in your company is expensive: Are you a new user? You look at your monthly expenses on your income statement.

What is Burn Rate?

Here are ideas on how to do those things: There are a couple of ways to access your burn rate in LivePlan. Click it and you will be taken to the page that shows you your burn rate. Return to blog home. How long is your cash runway? What is cash burn rate? How this metric is calculated To determine the burn rate for a selected period, you find the difference between the starting and ending cash balances for the period. Did you lose or gain cash? How to reduce your burn rate If your cash burn rate is higher than you want, the numbers to change are pretty simple.

Look for ways to boost your traffic, get more prospects into your pipeline, increase your conversion or close rates, or raise your pricing. More sales should translate into more cash coming in. Reduce your payroll expenses. For labor-intensive businesses, deferring new hires, laying off nonessential workers, or limiting benefits can lead to big savings. Make sure any cuts are smart and sustainable, though. Reduce your direct costs. For low-margin businesses, finding ways to minimize raw materials and other direct costs can make a big difference in cash flow.

Reduce or defer other expenses. Take a close look at your budget. Ditch unprofitable revenue streams. Why work for free?

Cash sales are great: Make sure you are offering credit terms selectively and smartly, rather than just converting what would have been immediate transactions into delayed ones. Bill sooner and collect faster. Adding late-payment charges may also help to bring cash in faster.

Pay your bills slowly. Take advantage of the agreed payment terms to hold onto your cash longer. Sell off excess inventory. Consider using a factoring service. If you cannot get customers to pay their invoices on time, it may be worth looking into such a service. It is meant for such businesses that have been started newly and because of this they have not managed to make much of the sales that could cover up the expenses.

With the Cash burn rate, a company is able to measure its sustainability which ultimately tells what its future financing will be. This helps investors to decide which company they should invest in. Therefore, the investors avoid providing finance to such companies as their investments might turn into ashes. Burn rate mostly bothers companies that are going unprofitable in the industry or those that have newly started their businesses.

It might take time for the new companies generate enough cash in order to meet the operating expenses and therefore, they will need a significant amount of money in hand in order to meet the needs. It has been observed that many of bio-tech and IT companies have to survive on borrowed capital for years. Cash burning is surely a thing that a company should worry about because if the burn rate is higher, then a company might have to shut down its business.

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