In the cases given above, GPJG is not obliged to offer a flight at a later time.

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Nicht nur Fluglinien können von dieser Öffentlichkeit betroffen sein, sondern auch Handelsunternehmen. In dieser Arbeit soll analysiert werden, wie sich Social Media als kommunikations-politisches Instrument in Handelsunternehmen einsetzten lassen kann. Um das Themengebiet einzugrenzen, geht es in dieser Arbeit um die Kommunikation zwischen Handelsunternehmen und Endverbraucher.

Dazu werden zunächst zentrale Begriffe definiert. Weiter wird der Begriff "Social Media" beleuchtet und konkrete Dienste vorgestellt. Auf dieser Basis wird untersucht, welche dieser Dienste für die Kommunikationspolitik von Handelsunternehmen verwendet werden können und welche spezifischen Vor- und Nachteile sich daraus ergeben.

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The right to assert claims for further damages remains reserved. If the customer should withdraw from the service booked prior to the proposed date of the service, then the customer shall be liable for contractual penalties, as follows: The customer is responsible for its receipt by GPJG and is under obligation to provide proof of the same.

Further claims for compensation by GPJG remain expressly reserved. In any case, the customer is obliged to pay GPJG this difference in the price before departure, along with an additional processing charge of Euro Liability a GPJG is not liable for the cancellation or delay of flights unless GPJG is directly responsible for such cases due to gross negligence or intent.

The provisions of the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention shall remain untouched by this, to the extent that they are applicable.

GPJG is also not liable for the actions of other airlines, handling companies or their vicarious agents as well as for objects that have been left on board by the passenger. The liability for the loss of life, personal injury or injury to health shall be in accordance with statutory provisions. GPJG is not liable if all reasonable measures were taken to avoid damage or if taking those measures was not possible.

The same shall be applicable to the additional air crew who have been deployed by the customer. Applicable regulations The charter contract and the execution of the transport is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, in particular, to the Air Traffic Act and the regulations of the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention to the extent they are applicable as well as to the EC regulation no.

Compensation and assistance to passengers in the case of denied boarding or cancellation or long delay of flights will be provided according to EC regulation no.

Other provisions a Side agreements shall always require confirmation by GPJG and at least the text form shall be required for this. The parties agree that the ineffective or null and void provision shall be replaced by an effective provision that comes as close as possible to that one. The second of May , Dortmund.