Plus grandir

A great promotional item that is sure to be appreciated by clients. The song starts with a dialogue between Fredericks and Farmer as for the live mix, Fredericks' words are originally recorded for "Maman a tort". A Premiums-Plus exclusive product line. Views Read Edit View history. That may be naive, but far from being stupid".

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Eventually, the song was the last collaboration at level of editing and management between Farmer and Bertrand Le Page because of artistic differences in late The promotional 7" contained a photo of the pram used in the music video and a letter written by Farmer. Among the various formats of the live song, there was a picture disc , which is the first one in the singer's career.

Plus grandir, j'veux plus grandir Plus grandir pour pas mourir, pas souffrir. The song deals with subjects that Farmer was especially fond of at the time: Boutonnat said in an interview: In the same time, of course we can extrapolate and speak of it in different words.

Boutonnat composed a rather pop music , which is quite rare for a sensitive theme. The video, the first one shot in cinemascope was made by Laurent Boutonnat who also wrote the screenplay.

Farmer drew the storyboard of the video. I went to see both the president of the group, Mr Levy, and that of Polydor. Both were seduced by the script and accepted the idea of shooting. The instrumental "Cendres de Lune", available on the album of the same name , can be heard at the opening credits.

Boutonnat tried to register himself with the National Center of Cinematography for the video was considered as a short film. In the video, we see a woman, played by Farmer, in a cemetery pushing a pram who comes to meditate at her own grave.

Then, in a house full of spiders ' webs, a girl on her bed, also played by Farmer, mistreats her doll throwing it in all directions and drowning it in the water. While crying, she begs the Virgin Mary to not grow and die. During her sleep, a man enters her room and rapes her, which she eventually agrees to Farmer reveals one of her breasts. The next day, dwarfish nuns beat the girl giving kicks, then with a knife , the girl cuts the doll's limbs, turns on herself and becomes a very old woman.

The video ends with the woman in the cemetery who puts a bunch on the grave and goes away. About the video, Boutonnat explained that the young woman who is played by Farmer is "beset by religious fantasies mainly You know, all those little things that you are afraid when you are young.