Rudolf von Gneist

They met Gneist in Berlin, and he instructed them in constitutional law for a six-month period. In , together with his colleague, Hänel , he violently attacked the motion for the prosecution of certain socialist members, which as a result of the vigor of his opposition was almost unanimously rejected. Entering the ranks of the National Liberal Party, he began both in writing and speeches actively to champion their cause, now busying himself pre-eminently with the study of constitutional law and history. In his Adel und Rittershaft was published in England, and in the Geschichte und heutige Gestalt der Ämter in England , a pamphlet primarily written to combat the Prussian abuses of government, but which the author also claimed had not been without its effect in modifying certain views that had until then ruled in England itself. On the establishment of German unity his mandate was renewed for the Reichstag , and there he served as an active and prominent member of the National Liberal party, until

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