Berechnen einer zusammengesetzten jährlichen Wachstumsrate (CAGR)

January 21, at 7: Beschaffe dir Daten, die eine Veränderung der Quantität mit der Zeit aufweisen.

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Bob - this is a better link: In many instances calculating a point to point CAGR can be very misleading. The "starting" point is annual sales for a product.

The number is not negative, how do I keep the number positive in the spreadsheet, yet use the RATE function? I tried putting in a negative sign in the formula and it didn't work I had to change the first sales figure to a negative number. The negative sign has to be in front of the pv argument. So if your starting point value is in cell A2 then the formula should be RATE number of periods , , -A2 ,ending value.

If your values are in A2: Then the formula would be: Here is a questions. In other words, would it work in the example below. What is the Annualized return I received? I was confused on one of the explanation given in other website but chandu is very nice to explain. Calculated LOGEST on the below 2 different sets of data difference being value for the 3rd year is 10 vs , however result is exactly same Logest can be used as a function or as an array function Using it as a function returns the Slope of a line of best fit or m value In this case the 2 slopes are the same at 0.

You can also read about these parameters here: The RATE formula is calculated by iteration and does not always converge on the correct CAGR value when the inputs take unusually large or very small values. I have a question Secondly, some comments here reflect the situation in which we are dealing with exponential growth or logarithmic growth or some other non linear growth function.

In such cases we need to use a CAGR calculation to reflect that. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of when new comments are posted via e-mail.

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Awesome stuff for you. Yes, sign me up. Twitter Facebook Youtube Linkedin. However, it totally ignores the compounding effects and therefore the growth of an investment can be overestimated. Compound annual growth rate CAGR is a geometric average that represents the rate of return for an investment as if it had compounded at a steady rate each year.

In other words, CAGR is a "smoothed" growth rate that, if compounded annually, would be equivalent to what your investment achieved over a specified period of time. BV - Beginning value of the investment EV - Ending value of the investment n - Number of periods like years, quarters, months, days, etc. Just specify the following values in your worksheet: If the output value displays as a decimal number, apply the Percentage format to the formula cell. August 6, at 8: Can you you help me in this.

August 9, at For example in the power formula you should use: B7 -1 and the result is August 9, at 1: Hello Rado, Thank you for your comment. August 10, at November 26, at 6: April 26, at 7: I've tried it many ways and can't come up with CAGR 7. Kartick sur Roy says: June 28, at 6: October 29, at 1: October 29, at 2: February 6, at 5: The example I have used is: Post a comment Click here to cancel reply.

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