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Since the launch of MSCI's consultation on November 21, on the proposal to use the offshore FX rates for the Qatari Riyal in the MSCI Indexes, the spread between the offshore and local FX rates for the Qatari Riyal has substantially narrowed, and some market participants reported that the level of accessibility of the local FX market has improved.

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Qatari riyal falls to new record against the dollar The Qatari riyal fell to a new one-year low against the dollar in futures market due to continued speculation in the

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Dealing another blow to Qatar’s smug façade of business as usual, the equity index compiler MSCI said on Wednesday that sanctions against Doha had made it more difficult for investors to obtain.

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The Information may not be mo dified, reverse-engineered, reproduced or redisseminated in whole or in part without prior written permission from MSCI. Saudi dollar bonds eagerly snapped up by overseas investors. A cashier counts Qatari riyal notes at a money changer in Doha. Reuters, Doha Thursday, 23 November Text size A A A. Thursday, 23 November KSA British Tesco and Barclays banks have stopped dealing in Qatari riyals Tesco Bank, owned by Britain's biggest retailer Tesco, is no longer allowing customers to buy or sell Qatari riyals at Top banks, agencies refuse to exchange riyals from Qatari travelers abroad One of the largest exchange centers in Britain has stopped trading in Qatari riyals due to its sharp devaluation.

Qatari riyal falls to new record against the dollar The Qatari riyal fell to a new one-year low against the dollar in futures market due to continued speculation in the Send to a friend Close. MSCI may shift to offshore rates for Qatari riyal. Thank you for your feedback. How are we doing?

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