List of abbreviations used in bank funds transfers

What is the definition of IBAN? They are among the most common financial transactions in the world.

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Search by country F. Send money Receive money. A direct debit is an instruction from an account holder to their bank, authorising a company to withdraw varying amounts of money. Direct Debits are used to ensure a payment can be made regularly, safely and efficiently.

They are among the most common financial transactions in the world. A direct credit is effectively the opposite of a direct debit and is commonly used to transfer wages into the bank accounts of employees.

Until recently, BACS was also the system at the forefront of one off online payments and payments made through the telephone.

However, it was recently introduced by the Faster Payments system. The reason for this is the efficiency of Faster Payments, which processes almost instantly. BACS payments on the other hand take a minimum of 3 banking days to process. Some accounts do not allow for the use of faster payments, therefore they still rely on BACS. Although anybody is able to use CHAPS, it is a system usually used by businesses in transactions involving large sums of money.

CHAPS transfers usually process within a day and is commonly used in the purchase of property, with solicitors using the system to transfer funds between the bank accounts of the parties involved. It is also used in other high value payment scenarios.

As mentioned earlier CHAPS is used to move funds inter-bank; it is used for this purpose several times a day. Faster Payments can commonly be used for transfers of up to , and it is instantaneous as well as being free. This is particularly applicable for individual users as opposed to companies and organisations. FPS UK Faster Payments Service As mentioned above, the Faster Payments service allows the general public to make payments with the funds being processed and transferred almost instantly.

It is regularly used by the general public to make payments such as bills, standing orders and online transfers.