Strong Roots

Included in today's commentary are: Are you a shareholder? Meanwhile, the recently introduced Minis line provides patients with potent-but-petite buds at a value-conscious price point. As the company enters the more diverse adult recreational market, an expanding, state-of-the-art indoor production facility will ensure it has plenty of plant material to experiment with.

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Strong roots are important… not just in our plants but in our company as well. Our clients are business people, parents, athletes… your neighbours and friends. Choosing the strain of cannabis that will work for you can be daunting, especially if you are new to medical marijuana. Plus, our customer service team is always happy to answer your questions. Please note, we are currently going through a re-certification process to produce both organic and mineral grown cannabis at Organigram.

If you wish to receive newsletters from Organigram Holdings Inc. If we do not receive your consent, we may be unable to send you communications. Gamma irradiation burns terpines. Smoking Gamma irradiated cannabis has never been studied.

Have they read the marijuana bible from rosenthal, or cervantez? Hell, have they even been fkn arrested for possessing the most beneficial plant known to man, lost their children, their homes, their careers, and their freedoms? The TRUE Drug Heroes should be in charge of this emerging industry, NOT politicians, or bureaucrats, or the rich whove seen to it that the ppl have been duped for so long, and harmed so many for so many yrs now.

To the victor goes the spoils, AND I WANT MY SPOILS, and ANY pig, judge, prosecutor who has locked someone up, taken their possessions, and destroyed the family and career and health due to this war rooted in lies and bigotry, deserves to be locked up, and I see justice finally prevailing when, as the men in orange are exiting their cells, theyre exchanging uniforms with the boys in blue as they enter the cage.

The trimming machine really bothers me what a lame way to remove the best part of the plant before you sell it. I have this in my basement, and keep fresh plants yr round, and harvest over 50lbs of fresh fish, and about lbs of veggies and meds every yr.

I even have pepper plants that are 3yrs old now. I would pit my indoor organic meds against the best in the world, and be able to provide u with a fresh baked fish on veggie dinner, all grown from my basement.

They should have lost their license. And thats right, not a voluntary recall so much if you only do it after its publically announced.

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I agree to Leafly's Terms of Use. To continue, please check the box above. Sick Canadian patients are suing Organigram. Please prove your assertion by providing links to your source s. Myclobutanil turns into Hydrogen Cyanide when heated. Hydrogen Cyanide is the poison used in gas chambers. The conference agenda includes items such as impaired driving and the unanticipated impacts of legalization. When it comes to pot prices, New Brunswick has the second cheapest in the country — but those prices could impact the cannabis industry when pot is legalized in Canada.

Organigram says a potential two-month delay in federal legalization will help their preparations. November 26, 5: November 14, 1: X What is this?