Investing in fracking companies

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracing” companies are overtaking drilling companies as the largest subset of the energy services sector – and research from two Canadian brokerage firms suggests that investors can expect fracking companies to continue growing strong into and beyond. All the.

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Fracking’s “Holy Grail”

STEP Energy Services is a technically focused, oilfield service company providing specialized coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing equipment to service the deep horizontal well market in Western Canada, south Texas and Louisiana. The company’s combination of modern, fit-for-purpose fracturing and coiled tubing equipment has differentiated.

It is currently the largest pressure pumping service provider in Canada and a leading fracturing company in Russia, with growing operations the United States, Kazakhstan, Algeria and Australia. Canyon Services Group Error opening: The company boasts the newest fleet of hydraulic pumping equipment in Canada and enjoys a healthy balance sheet with no debt.

In the case of all 3, a significant portion of their equipment was built largely post This results in lower maintenance costs and an ability to work in the most horse-power intense unconventional resource plays. While drilling has shifted from natural gas to liquids rich gas and oil plays, these fracking companies provide a call on a recovery of natural gas prices.

Horn River wells are the most frac intensive jobs with up to 30 stages per well. I expect the Global Shale Revolution to last 20 year — which bakes success into the cake right now for a lot of fracing companies. Click here to watch it.

As a result, we see fracturing companies grabbing a higher percentage of the pie. With the proliferation of unconventional resource plays, fracs have increased not only in size but in pumping rates as well…some regions have gone to hour operations…. In an effort to combat the higher repairs and maintenance costs many pumpers have added more horsepower on location than is actually needed to complete the job. Essentially, this allows the wear-and-tear to be spread over more equipment…it requires more equipment to be deployed, thereby helping to absorb more capacity.

Some of it is out of the box innovative technology that is leapfrogging industry expectations in terms of production and cash flow fracking can produce. If investigations exonerate BP, those companies will be liable for billions of dollars. There are particular doubts over whether Anadarko could afford to pay its full share. Ardent is a privately held, independent oil and gas company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As You Sow is promoting corporate accountability through shareholder action and toxics reduction using innovative legal strategies and community grantmaking.

We are transforming corporate behavior and creating a more socially and environmentally just society. Fracking at Exxon and Ultra. Ceres Principles - Corporate Environmental Conduct. Environmental officials said Atlas allowed hydraulic fracturing fluids used to drill in the Marcellus Shale to overfill a wastewater pit and contaminate a tributary of Dunkle Run.

DEP officials said the spill happened in early December Environmental officials say Atlas corrected the problem but failed to report it to the DEP. Pennsylvania lawsuit says drilling polluted water. AVELLA, Pennsylvania Reuters — A Pennsylvania landowner is suing an energy company for polluting his soil and water in an attempt to link a natural gas drilling technique with environmental contamination. Environmental Protection Agency as warranting further investigation.