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Sample Itinerary Friday International flight to Delhi.

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Enjoy total freedom and flexibility to ski or snowboard entirely at your own pace. The possibilities are limitless.

About Us Journal Contact. Few things can compare to exhilaration of heli-skiing in the mighty Himalayas. These skiers are just setting of down Powder Box - one of the classics. The Lowdown Base elevation: Alpine, Trees, Glacial International flight: International Safety Standards With a team of highly reputable guides, pilots and helicopter mechanics from Switzerland, the safety standards are far beyond what you would normally expect in India.

Local Culture Heli-skiing in Manali is not just about linking turns down endless runs but equally about experiencing the fascinating local culture of the Kullu Valley. What's Included Six possible days heli-skiing including 30, vertical metres of heli-skiing. Six days guide service. Meet and greet in Delhi and return transfer to your hotel. Air and ground transfers: Delhi - Manali - Delhi subject to weather conditions. All meals while heliskiing Use of safety equipment including: Government heli ski tax.

Sample Itinerary Friday International flight to Delhi. Sunday to Friday Six days heli-skiing. Darius the Great had conquered this territory in BC. According to Herodotus 4. Hecataeus of Miletus , around BC, wrote about the geography and peoples of India.

The Greek pysician Ctesias also wrote about India. Most of these works have not survived in their original form but fragments are known through transmission by later writers. Not only individual Greeks, but also large groups of Greeks were forced to settle in Bactria northern Afghanistan , who must have had prolonged contact with Indians. Herodotus's account is believed to be based on these accounts.

The Greeks or Persians were not aware of the geography of India or Asia in general east of the Indus basin. In book 3 3. He also mentions their dark skin colour. In book 7 7.