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The parents use various methods to distract predators during the breeding season. Predation is not limited to eggs and chicks:

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Gov't shutdown could impact upcoming hurricane season. Weekend deep-freeze puts the chill on Atlantic Canada. Coldest air in a year floods into southern Ontario.

Firefighters say snow can cause a fire in winter, see how. At least 17 dead as a series of fierce storms blanket Europe. Canadian astronomers discover 2nd mysterious radio burst. Quieter ships could help Canada's endangered orcas recover. Albertan ice sculptors turn heads at China winter festival. Beautiful duck spotted in BC.

Evacuation order in Zeballos, B. Ticks can survive cold weather, so keep checking your pets. This treatment usually offers protection against termites for at least five years. Builders can also construct houses in a manner that deters termites from entering. This basically involves making sure wood doesn't come into direct contact with soil. Other techniques include placing a moisture barrier under basements to help keep the area dry and removing piles of soil from under porches.

A termite inspection is usually part of the home-buying process, which reduces your likelihood of buying a home that is already infested. These steps don't guarantee that a home will never experience an infestation. Next, we'll explore how to detect the presence of termites.

In some parts of the country, they have attained notoriety that compares to Africanized bees. Formosan termite colonies are bigger than native colonies -- Formosan queens lay thousands of eggs every day, and a colony can include millions of workers.

The invasive species is more aggressive than their native counterparts, and there are more soldiers in each colony. In addition, Formosan termites will test termite barriers in an attempt to find their way through, much like the velociraptors in "Jurassic Park. Termites eat dead wood.