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Futures quotes. A futures contract is a legal agreement between a buyer and a seller to either buy or sell an asset at a predetermined future date and price.

Today mines worldwide extract more than Find a clearing firm or broker and open an account. Add the savings potential of member rates If you become a COMEX member there are a variety of reduced rates memberships available. A series of chemical reactions produces zinc and carbon dioxide. Settlement prices on instruments without open interest or volume are provided for web users only and are not published on Market Data Platform MDP.

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Scrapers then remove the bubbly mixture of concentrated zinc. Filters remove the water and oils from the tank and leave behind a paste-like mixture. This mixture is combined with lime — the product made from heating limestone — and roasted in furnaces at temperatures of 2, degrees Fahrenheit.

This produces a solid mass of zinc oxide. The furnaces use electricity, natural gas or coal to reach temperatures of 2, degrees Fahrenheit. A series of chemical reactions produces zinc and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide bonds with the zinc to re-form zinc oxide. To keep the zinc separate, molten lead is introduced into the chamber. The zinc then dissolves into a molten state and gets carried to another chamber to cool. The zinc molten, which is cooled to degrees Fahrenheit, can be further purified by cooling it in the chamber for several hours.

During this refining stage, iron and other impurities sink to the bottom, while pure zinc remains at the top. Most zinc is alloyed with other metals.

To make alloys, refiners re-melt zinc and combine it in exact proportions depending on the application. Recycling zinc is an economically viable activity. In the United States, about 35, tons of zinc is recycled annually. Recycling materials include residue from the process of galvanizing zinc with steel and zinc oxide recovered from blast furnaces.

China is the leading zinc mining country in the world. About one-third of zinc produced goes to galvanize other metals such as steel and iron. However, zinc has many other important applications. Zinc is also an essential nutrient for living things. A typical human body contains about 2. Foods with high zinc content include herring, beef, lamb, cheese and sunflower seeds. Start trading zinc today with our guide. As with most industrial commodities, China plays a pivotal role in determining zinc prices.

Therefore, a key indicator of zinc demand in China and elsewhere is steel demand. Decisions about whether to undertake or hold off on infrastructure projects can create huge fluctuations in steel demand.

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