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Brought to you by: The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. When the relative strength index is above 50, it generally means that the gains are greater than the losses.


Shorter or longer timeframes are used for alternately shorter or longer outlooks. More extreme high and low levels—80 and 20, or 90 and 10—occur less frequently but indicate stronger momentum. The relative strength index was developed by J. The RSI provides signals that tell investors to buy when the security or currency is oversold and to sell when it is overbought. The testing was randomised in time and companies e. For each trading period an upward change U or downward change D is calculated.

Up periods are characterized by the close being higher than the previous close:. Conversely, a down period is characterized by the close being lower than the previous period's close note that D is nonetheless a positive number ,. If the last close is the same as the previous, both U and D are zero. Wilder originally formulated the calculation of the moving average as: This is fully equivalent to the aforementioned exponential smoothing. If the average of D values is zero, then according to the equation, the RS value will approach infinity, so that the resulting RSI, as computed below, will approach The relative strength factor is then converted to a relative strength index between 0 and The smoothed moving averages should be appropriately initialized with a simple moving average using the first n values in the price series.

The RSI is presented on a graph above or below the price chart. The indicator has an upper line, typically at 70, a lower line at 30, and a dashed mid-line at Wilder recommended a smoothing period of 14 see exponential smoothing , i.

Wilder posited [1] that when price moves up very rapidly, at some point it is considered overbought. Likewise, when price falls very rapidly, at some point it is considered oversold. In either case, Wilder deemed a reaction or reversal imminent.

The level of the RSI is a measure of the stock's recent trading strength. The slope of the RSI is directly proportional to the velocity of a change in the trend. The distance traveled by the RSI is proportional to the magnitude of the move. Wilder believed that tops and bottoms are indicated when RSI goes above 70 or drops below Traditionally, RSI readings greater than the 70 level are considered to be in overbought territory, and RSI readings lower than the 30 level are considered to be in oversold territory.

In between the 30 and 70 level is considered neutral, with the 50 level a sign of no trend. Wilder further believed that divergence between RSI and price action is a very strong indication that a market turning point is imminent. Bearish divergence occurs when price makes a new high but the RSI makes a lower high, thus failing to confirm. Bullish divergence occurs when price makes a new low but RSI makes a higher low.

Wilder thought that "failure swings" above 70 and below 30 on the RSI are strong indications of market reversals. If it falls below 72, Wilder would consider this a "failure swing" above Finally, Wilder wrote that chart formations and areas of support and resistance could sometimes be more easily seen on the RSI chart as opposed to the price chart.

The center line for the relative strength index is 50, which is often seen as both the support and resistance line for the indicator. If the relative strength index is below 50, it generally means that the stock's losses are greater than the gains. When the relative strength index is above 50, it generally means that the gains are greater than the losses. Cardwell observed when securities change from uptrend to downtrend and vice versa, the RSI will undergo a "range shift.

Next, Cardwell noted that bearish divergence: Why did I take this trade? What's coin on guys? Resistance is also visible on RSI from On a smaller time frame like 1h, RSI is showing bearish divergence. I think correction in this area is very likely to happen any moment now, even if NEO decide to break trough this resistance, I think we will see some The script is great for the trade for 30 minutes TF. Can be used for scalp for 3,5,10 min.

Hello friends, Hope you all doing well in crypto as well as in life. Many of my subscribers and followers asking me the right time to re-entry in this market. Soon I'll coverup all these in my next videos on I hope it will hold so we will see the downward movement towards the.

Don't underestimate the power of a shitcoin! It can pump anytime and dump on your head twice as hard the next week. Would be nice to not get liquidated since my liq is slightly above The euro currency is trading in an increasingly narrow trading range against the US dollar on Tuesday, as the recent bearish selling momentum starts to ease. The RSI indicator on the four-hour time frame remains close to oversold, while the Stochastic indicator on the mentioned time frame remains inconclusive at present.

The Relative Strength Index RSI is a well versed momentum based oscillator which is used to measure the speed velocity as well as the change magnitude of directional price movements. Decision-time for bitcoin, daily time-frame. Shortterm targets 1H chart.

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