TrainerRoad vs. Zwift

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When does Ziggs have powerspikes?

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I will answer questions if anyone wants. It's in late-stage beta. Web site is currently getting a design and usability facelift that will be live in wks. Then there will be a few more things to do before beta exit occurs. No major issues reported for a while, so it's pretty stable on all officially supported platforms. It looks like updates are noticed from messages from peers nice idea -- it'd flood as well as periodic checks, and when the client sees a newer version, it grabs the update and auto-applies it.

Have you ever pushed an update that broke the network? I don't have a good answer other than test a lot and pray I might revisit this in the future. Software updates like this are hard.

I'd say getting the software updates reliable and secure across sixteen versions of three platforms was the second hardest aspect to writing this behind getting Ethernet multicast to work and scale.

Packaging, distribution, and updating of high-quality software can sometimes be as hard as writing it. Update archive is discarded if it fails cert check. I keep the signing keys on encrypted "cold" storage and do the signatures on a box that is not connected to the Internet. The Windows and Mac versions are also signed by the appropriate OS platform signing authorities, but I do not trust these to authenticate the updates. The only reason I sign against Apple dev certs or DigiCert is so users won't see warnings.

But that signing does add yet another layer for those platforms. Just a collection of my thoughts about this with dozens of edits as I go through what little information there is on this project. Access to private networks is controlled by access certificates that are issued and managed automatically by our servers and would be exceedingly difficult to forge.

An interface called 'zt0' should appear and should get an IP address in the Pointless limitation and choice of a "random" port. Go get one assigned if you want a static port. For p2p, that would actually be a detriment easy fingerprinting if the point is remaining clandestine. I may have missed it, but nowhere does it actually say what their goals are. Yes, I'm ignoring the vapid "ZeroTier One's goal is network virtualization across both local and wide area networks.

It's hard to tell whether this is a good solution when you don't know the problem it's trying to solve. Connectivity over the public Internet -- use a VPN, they're much more proven. I never cared for Hamachi. But but but - peer-to-peer! Is not-knowing where your traffic is going a feature nowadays? At least the five supernodes are geographically distributed and originated by different ASs.

From a technology standpoint, interesting combination of ideas assuming it is a layer-2 transport over a peer-to-peer overlay--I haven't been able to figure that out yet , but there's no protocol documentation whatsoever the only documentation is the FAQs in their wiki , so enjoy reading the code! Although, "An RFC is planned for the future once this is out of beta and the protocol is considered completely stable.

As shown by openssl, connecting the crypto primitives together is the at least "a" hard part, so I wouldn't trust this for security. At least the author tells you to not trust it as well. IMO, it's a project to keep an eye on. I just see a bunch of encrypted stuff go back and forth.

Well, it's a good thing that metadata is completely useless! That seems like a pretty large conceptual gap -- own the supernode and redirect traffic to myself -- although I'd probably also have to do a hash collision on the 40bit ID space. So, Adam wants to create a geographical public LAN for instance everyone in my city! I expect a lot of end-user issues being raised because this becomes completely hidden from the end user "He's one hop away, but it's ms!

In a way, TrainerRoad takes all the good parts of training outdoors, concentrates it, and gets ride of all the bad traffic, stop signs, changing road conditions that stop you from maintaining constant power, etc. Although a smart trainer will make it easier to hit the power targets, it is not necessary to get the full experience. But it is easy to set up the TrainerRoad software to be at the bottom of your computer screen so that you can still watch your favorite movie or TV show, or re-watch all your favorite races.

Personally, I used TrainerRoad all last winter and their Sweat Spot Base plan converted me from my previous stance on traditional base training. TrainerRoad is best for the rider who is looking to get the most out of their training time and want to focus on getting quality work done.

Zwift, on the other hand, looks to bring riding outside indoors by immersing you in a virtual world. Zwift is like turning cycling into an online game where you can interact with other players much in the same way as you would outdoors.

A smart trainer will allow you to experience all the hills, descents, different road surfaces, and drafting other riders like you would outdoors by automatically changing the resistance. Without a smart trainer, you will continue to ride at the same power while your avatar just slows down or speeds up with no change in your sensation. Zwift has added workouts to the program and the ability to create your own which is great for the rider who is looking to do a little more than just ride.

The social aspect of Zwift is one of the biggest draws for many cyclists as you can catch with other riders and meet up for group rides similar to how you would in real life. And for the riders who enjoy a little competition and the video game side of things, their are also Sprint and KOM jerseys up for grabs on Zwift. It's a shoving matchup. Whoever can harass best while also last hitting the same skill will win.

I also have been going lost chapter directly into Banshees. If you can spell shield a key spell Q or R , you have eliminated significant burst from Ziggs. This lane is sooo free. His bombs get so slow at max range and are really easy to dodge. Plus hes immobile so no issues there, and easy to gank as well.

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