Fuerteventura Weather Forecast

Das Wetter in Fuerteventura In Fuerteventura gibt es am Tag ungestörten Sonnenschein bei Temperaturen von 15 bis 20°C. In der Nacht ist es wolkenlos bei einer Temperatur von 15°C.

I'm a little more unclear as to weather difference on Fuerteventura, are there any places that are warmer than others? We been going to caleta de fuse for the last 6 years in December for two weeks and we had beautiful weather some days it Was totallly relaxing and we love the island been going for the past 4 yeaars Have been for the past 4 years and have only had the occasional drop of rain and that has mainly been either early morni Sounds like it might be a tad warmer in the South of the Island, perhaps I'll do a day trip, but I think I should stay in the North so that I can hop over to Lanarote. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren.

Current weather conditions

Fuerteventura and its neighbouring islands have been called 'the island of eternal spring' because of their pleasant weather throughout the year. There isn't an enormous amount of annual temperature variation. There is still a distinction between the 'summer' and 'winter' months, but the island very rarely experiences temperature extremes.

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Lust auf perfekt präparierte Pisten, kulinarische Genüsse und danach Hüttengaudi vom Feinsten? Fuerteventura liegt in der Region Fuerteventura. Dort finden Sie eine Wettervorhersage für die gesamte Region. Der Schwarzwald hat Wintersport-Tradition. Das spürt man an jedem Lift, auf jeder Piste und Loipe. Viel Vergnügen im Schnee. Hier hat man die Qual der Wahl: Schneller und komfortabler kommt man mit der neugebauten Bergbahn auf die Schlossalm.

Erleben Sie unvergessliche Momente in Tirol. The visibility is going to be around 20 km i. It will be dry with no precipitation. Friday seems to be partly cloudy. Fuerteventura, Spain visibility is going to be around 20 km i. Partly cloudy will be the weather pattern for the Saturday.

Looking at the world weather radar, national weather service and satellite images, Fuerteventura, Spain weather forecaster is reporting little or no rainfall over the next 7 days. So make most of it while you are on vacation in Fuerteventura, Spain. The windiest of all days will be Sunday 13 th January as wind will reach 24mph or 39kmph at around 12 am.

Das Wetter auf Fuerteventura ist das ganze Jahr über angenehm, daher wird die Insel oft als die Insel des ewigen Frühlings bezeichnet. Die Niederschlagsmenge liegt bei mm pro Jahr, die meisten fallen im Herbst und Winter. Ein Sandsturm, bekannt als Calima, bläst südwestlich von der Sahara und kann hohe Temperaturen, schlechte Sicht und trocknende Luft verursachen.

Der Sommer auf Fuerteventura ist trocken, sonnig und windig. Der Herbst ist eine schöne Jahreszeit. Sehenswürdigkeiten sind Corralejo und El Jable im Norden, die aus feinen Sanddünen bestehen, während der Süden mit langen Stränden und abgelegenen Buchten gefüllt ist.

Der ständige Wind, der auf die Strände weht, ist ein Paradies für Windsurfer. Die nördlichen Strände werden oft von Schnorchlern und Sonnenanbetern besucht. Die Insel hat viele Surfschulen und Kurse, die diesen Sportarten gewidmet sind.

Perhaps a cycle or even an electrically-assisted one would be a good idea. There are some good restaurants and a few bars in El Cotillo so it isn't completely dead in the evenings. There's another bus to Tindaya etc. If you do want to use the buses, all the information is here: See my reply to you link. El Cotillo does looks lovely. I've looked around it on Google maps satellite and street view and also online images.

The sea looks quite rough in places, esp where there are rocks, sea weed etc, which is often where the best snorkeling is. I'm not a strong swimming, is it safe to swim there? Theoretically, as the wind is from the North East, it should get less wind, but Corralejo seems slightly calmer, perhaps because its in a cove, and gets more shelter from Lanzarote?

Despite their close proximity, this website reports some interesting differences in whether between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote:.

They report Fuerteventura as having 9 hours of sunshine in Nov, whereas Lanzarote has 8, and the sea temperature is a degree higher on Fuerteventura.

The sea temp is important to me if I'm snorkeling a lot, is there really any temperature difference in a moving mass of water between two place so close together? Can you let me know how long the bus journey is between El Cotillo and Corralejo and how late in the evening they run until? The sea is quite rough in places around El Cotillo because of the Atlantic swell. There are a number of sheltered areas protected by lava flow reefs.

Most of Corralejo is protected from the Atlantic swell. They report Fuerteventura as having 9 hours of sunshine in Nov, whereas Lanzarote has 8, It depends where and the wind direction and speed and the sea temperature is a degree higher on Fuerteventura.

I think it the south of Fuerteventura where the sea is at least 1C above Lanzarote. It really depends though on the weather in the preceding months and this determines whether the sea temperature is 19, 20, 21 or The last bus leaves El Cotillo at and Corralejo at The bus takes minutes and the last from El Cotillo is at 8 pm, the last from Corralejo at 9 pm. BTW, remove the final full-stop from the link I gave above. The sea in the El C lagoons has to go over a reef. It's rough out there which means it's best to snorkel around high-tide as then you're well away from it and the lagoon itself is calm.

I suppose there could be a difference in sea temperature between Morro Jable and La Graciosa , but surely not in the 15 km between Corralejo and Playa Blanca , nor on the two sides of the islands. At least, it doesn't make any sense to me.