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Offshore Rig Model. Forecast rig activity per basin based on local production dynamics and global supply-and-demand balance. Land Rig Model. Forecast global land-rig counts with country-level projections. Global Wells Model. Forecast global well counts and well stocks with country-level projections for over 25 countries. Learn more about how Energy Insights can help your organization. .

This is a device for spinning the drill string. Use Business Gift Home Decoration. A crane without a boom is called a winch or tugger and these are multi-purpose pieces of machinery for dragging and lifting heavy objects around the deck. Get updates Get updates.

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And Get Latest Price. Scale model rotary drilling rig used for oil wells. Easy to Install and Disassemble in Working Sites. Small and Light, suitable to drill in all kinds of environments. DFQW portable water swivel for drilling rig with price. Hot in overseas steel skid frame mounted scale model drilling rig.

YG China manufacturer oil rig drilling machine for sale price. Portable DTH excavator mounted drilling rig. Generally it is days if the machines are in stock. You need to pay for the sample and the cost of freight. Drill Pad with steel and wood for drilling rig as base. Resin plastic metal OEM oil rig model oil rig scale model for visiting study. A solid expandable mechanism is incorporated into the packer system to hold 10, psi differential pressure.

We have the specialized technicians, senior engineers and peofessional marking team. Unique design desk decoration pen holder metal souvenir metal gifts oil rig. XJ75 50t Workover Rig. Chinese new condition hydraulic core crawler rotary scale model drilling rig.

Rope bar are provided to prevent the wire rope from crossing or failing out the groove. The Crown block is also equipped with wooden buffer and protection net to prevent bump. If there are some defective items, we usually credit to our customer or replace in next shipment.

Therefore, it is not restricted to well inclination. All internal parts are made of easily drillable material. All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time. But the exact delivery time might be different for different orders or at different time. The rig is easy and low cost to be transported, and it has reliable performance, large working load and good off-road power.

Secure the middle of the "X" with a double-sided loop of tape. Mark areas of overlap -- including the middle portion of the "X," in addition to the template -- then snip the angled marks. Glue the "X" together along the short edges of the Popsicle sticks.

Allow the hot glue to set. Create three identical x-shaped crossbeams. Repeat these steps with the remaining two four-inch segments. Create three identical x-shaped crossbeams for each additional segment.

Set the additional x-shaped crossbeams aside. Glue the middle and bottom x-shaped crossbeams to the template. You will now have one completed side of the oil rig and the remaining x-shaped crossbeams for the remaining three sides. Repeat the steps from the "Structure" segment to create another side of the oil rig frame.

This side will be positioned across from the side you used as your template. Mark the edges of the frames with your pencil,one-half-inch from the top. Create markings for the half-inch and four-inch gaps, as you did in Step 8 of the "Structure" section. Attach Popsicle sticks, horizontally, to the half-inch gaps you have marked with tape.

Mark areas of overlap, remove the tape, then snip excess areas with scissors. Glue the snipped Popsicle sticks along the edges of the frame. Glue the prepared, x-shaped crossbeams as well.

Paint the model oil rig with black tempera paint.