What is the ticker symbol for Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Option exercise results in a position in the underlying cash-settled Futures contract. What is the ticker symbol for Dow Jones Industrial Average? Learn Practice Trading Follow the Markets. The market crash was a result of these banks failing. Unexercised in-the-money options will be automatically exercised at 7:

About E-mini Dow

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About E-mini Dow An electronically traded futures contract representing a portion of standard DJIA futures, E-mini Dow futures offer an accessible alternative to manage exposure to the U. Plz label you sources optional. Thz for the help: Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Dow Jones Ticker Symbol. These are "market averages" designed to tell you how companies traded on the stock market are doing in general. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is simply the average value of 30 large, industrial stocks.

The thing to understand is that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is nothing magic -- someone has chosen 30 companies and averaged their values together by following a specific formula.

That's all it is. There are all sorts of averages out there. The Russel tracks the average of 2, smaller companies. And there are others. What these averages tell you is the general health of stock prices as a whole.

If the economy is "doing well," then the prices of stocks as a group tend to rise. If it is "doing poorly," prices as a group tend to fall. The averages show you these tendencies in the market as a whole. If a specific stock is going down while the market as a whole is going up, that tells you something. Or if a stock is rising, but is rising faster or slower than the market as a whole, that tells you something as well.

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