18+ Grosjean Crash Pics

18+ Grosjean Crash Pics. Top10 biggest romain grosjean crash (f1 only). Grosjean's car burst into flames on impact with the barrier.

Bftsvybujnhelm from cdn.the-race.com

Crash compilation of f1 driver romain grosjean. But for the f3 race, would love you guys to give a vote for me to snetterton. Grosjean crashed heavily when swerving to the right of the straight after just two corners of replays of the incident and aftermath involving romain grosjean on the first lap of the bahrain gp.

Romain grosjean was lucky to escape the wreckage of his burning car.

Romain grosjean is pictured on a screen escaping his crash. Grosjean's situation is very different. The race barely got started. Officials worked quickly to build a makeshift crash barrier where the old one was destroyed.

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